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"An apple is the best picked freshly from the tree, pear can be compared with good red wine, it needs some maturing time in the fruit bowl until ready to eat. Test around stalk, if it lets go its ready to be eaten" J.S.Hansen

New! If you are looking into making Your own cider line we have something just for You! Tasmania's tasty pears and large variety is all you need for making prime quality cider or juice. Together with experts in cidermaking we can make it happen. Contact us if this idea appeals to you or your business.

Our Pear Varieties

Beurre Bosc - Available at the shops from March - September . An elegant looking pear with long tapering neck and golden skin colour, high sugar content and flavour. Brilliant with soft cheese and in salads!  Manages transportation well, excellent export pear.

Doyenné de Comice - Ask your local shops from March - June (at their best in June). Luscious pear with prominent red blush. Has the reputation as best eating pear in Australia, Europe and USA. Best eaten out of fruit bowl when the colour is still green and flesh is "meltingly" juicy. 

Packham's Triumph -  Available at the shops from late March - early July. Fresh green pear with lots of taste and history.

Josephine de Malines
- Known as Josephine. Available from early June - mid July. Nice looking tasty pear. Smaller in size, fits in kids lunchbox.

Winter Cole - Available mid winter- late spring. Well keeping pear and rich in flavour. Great for exporting.
Spring Dew (Glue Morceau)- Available late June - August. Name describes its Honeydew Melon texture. Good eating and cooking pear. 

Other varieties including heritage varieties of apples and pears (Napoleon,Nashi Pear, Democrate, Lady in The Snow, Macintosh Red, Crofton, Cleopatra) as well as Quinces available for our stall customers.